2016 Watch: House 80 Murray Gets Alderwoman Endorsement

Democratic candidate Ben Murray, running in House 80 to replace Mike Colona, announced the endorsement of alderwoman Megan Green.

The Endorsement

I’ve known Ben Murray both personally and professionally for a number of years.

He was an instrumental part of my successful campaign for office, and re-election, and has routinely been by my side Fighting for $15, championing Black Live Matter, standing up for Women, and fighting against unpopular corporate handouts in the form of football stadiums.

It’s not a secret to most that Ben and I dated for nearly a year… Ben is a true feminist. If we are not sending a woman to Jefferson City, then I want to send a man who I know is going to fight for women, end the misogynistic culture permeating in Jefferson City, and not cut side deals that result in trading our rights away in the form of 72 hour waiting periods for abortion….


Originally in June 22 MOScout.