8 Day Reports

With the special elections in House 29, 36, and 89 coming next week.  The 8-Day reports were filed yesterday.

House 29 (Torpey)

Rory Rowland (Democrat) has raised about $24K.  He has $8K on-hand.  He’s received about $43K from the Democratic State Party.

Brian DeMoss (Republican) has raised $21K, and has $5K on-hand.

House 36 (McManus)

Daron McGee (Democrat) didn’t file his 8-Day yet.  According to his October report, he’d raised $11K and had $7K on-hand.

Nola Wood (Republican) has raised $9K, and has about $5K on-hand.

Mary Ann Drape (Independent) didn’t file an 8-Day yet.  According to her October report, she’d raised $9K and had $2K on-hand.

House 89 (Diehl)

Al Gerber (Democrat) has raised about $3K and has about $2K on-hand.

Dean Plocher (Republican) has raised $33K and has $33K on-hand.


House Republican Campaign Committee’s 8-Day report showed polling in House 36 and House 89, but not House 29.  Perhaps they were checking on any lingering impact of the Diehl scandal in House 89, and seeing if the Independent candidate in House 36 gave them a steal opportunity, but no path for victory in House 29?


Originally in October 26 MOScout.