A Look Back

The last time a transportation sales tax was on the ballot it was crushed, taking only got 27.5% of the vote.  The year was 2002 and it was “Prop B” on the ballot.  There was organized opposition, “No on B.”  And their spokesperson, like this time, was a former Post-Dispatch reporter.  Back then it was Fred Lindecke.  Read a Marc Powers article on the issue just a few weeks out here.


It is dangerous to find what appear to be analogs in history and then extrapolate them to predict the future.  There are important differences.  For starters, there’s no gas tax hike involved this time.  Then, a relatively unpopular governor was supporting it; now a relatively popular governor is opposing it.


However proponents must find some caution in the past.  Especially the fact that the No on B folks started their campaign committee late (June 24); only raised about $13K and still won easily.



Originally in June 12 MOScout.