AFL-CIO Endorsements

I scanned through the Missouri AFL-CIO Committee on Political Education (COPE) list of endorsements. They endorse both Republicans and Democrats because “Stopping ‘Right to Work’ and Paycheck Deception will take both Republicans and Democrats.”


Endorsements of interest (some I’ve previously reported):

Rep. Jeff Roorda got the nod in Senate 22.


Incumbent Rep. Nate Walker in House 3, one of the “flimsy 15” getting a primary challenge.


Kevin Garner, in a tight Democratic primary in House 18.


Rep. Josh Peters in House 76 running against Chris Carter Sr.


In House 86, running to replace Rory Ellinger, Joe Adams got the endorsement in that four-way.


In House 102, both the Democrat, John Callahan, and incumbent Rep. Kurt Bahr’s primary opponent, Mike Swyers were endorsed.


And in House 113 (Roorda’s seat), Democrat Sean Fauss and Republican Jason Fulbright (both in primaries) were endorsed.


See the full list here.


Originally in July 24 MOScout.