All Hospitals’ Funding is Not the Same

As the debate about Medicaid expansion or not (or how) continues, the hospitals are expected to be a force.  They’ll have to educate legislators about the sometimes complicated ways that they fund healthcare to the poor and the consequence if their funding is cut.


Here’s an interesting article by Kaiser Health News (Read it here) which calls attention to the diversity of hospitals and their funding streams.


Pull Quote: “While much of the hospital industry has lamented the deal reached between Congress and the White House because it will pay about half the $30 billion bill to avert a 27 percent Medicare fee cut for physicians, the agreement was cause for celebration for about 200 small, rural hospitals.  That’s because it also extended for one year a program that pays hospitals such as Jones Memorial up to several millions of dollars each year because they have fewer than 100 beds, are located in rural areas and treat a high proportion of Medicare patients.”


Missouri Hospitals This Impacts

Capital Region Medical Center

Fitzgibbon Memorial Hospital

Golden Valley Memorial Hospital

Lake Regional Health System

Missouri Southern Healthcare

Nevada Regional Medical Center

Parkland Health Center

Ripley County Memorial Hospital


Originally in January 8 MOScout.