And… The Ellington Plan

From: Brandon Ellington

Sent: Tuesday, August 18, 2015 1:11 PM

To: Kip Kendrick

Cc: _Republican LAs & Staff; _Democrat LAs & Staff; _Democrat Representatives;

_Republican Representatives

Subject: RE: Draft Intern Policy Outline


As opposed to just talking about the problems here are my policy recommendations.

  1. don’t have sex, send sexual messages, naked pictures or anything sexual to intern.
  2. no sexting, no asking for sex,
  3. Be smart & live in reality.

4.End of Policy


I wasn’t going to comment but after reading several emails I have to respond.


To draft punitive policies regarding interns in my opinion is wrong. None of the interns did anything wrong the bad actors in this situation were middle aged men that could not contain their emotional desires…



Originally in August 20 MOScout.