Another Night of Protests

Governor Eric Greitens gets dinged on social media for having boasted during the campaign that he would have had peace in Ferguson by the second night by establishing “command presence.”  That’s fine.  We all know folks tend to say just about anything to get elected.  What should bother Greitens supporters is that Team Greitens still hasn’t pivoted to governance rhetoric even after getting elected.

You can forgive the “peace on night two” bravado.  But the continuing pattern of overpromising and underdelivering is troubling. The list that comes top of mind…

Rhetoric: Talk of corrupt insiders and career politicians.  Reality: Legislators are termed limited and Greitens is the one who has pled guilty to an ethics violation.

Rhetoric: Heralding a freeze on regulations. Reality: It was a one-time six week pause.

Rhetoric: Telling Correctional workers “I have your back.” Reality: No progress on increasing their dismal pay levels.

Rhetoric: Promising the new COO would result in hundreds of millions of dollars in savings. Reality: “Savings” mostly to be cutting payments to providers.

Rhetoric: Calling for smaller government. Reality: $100 million “Innovation Fund” to invest in start-ups is ridiculously beyond any conservative’s notion of a limited government.


Originally in September 18 MOScout