Blame 3rd Party for GOP Losses?

One of the heartbreaks this election cycle for Republicans was how close they came to scoring upsets in St. Louis County.   Steve Stenger inched out the County Executive’s race by 1,692 votes. Jay Ashcroft was beaten by Jill Schupp by 1,632 votes.


In both cases, the third party candidates cover those gaps.  Conventional wisdom is that Green Party candidates take votes away from Democrats, but that Libertarian – and certainly Constitution – candidates take votes from Republicans.


In the Senate 24 race, the Libertarian received 1,715 votes.


In the County Executive race, the Libertarian received 8,046 votes.  But what irks some Republicans, is the Constitution candidate – Joe Passanise – took 3,242 votes.  Passanise previously ran for County Executive against Charlie Dooley and Buzz Westfall as a Republican.


Originally in November 10 MOScout.