Calzone Sues Again!

Last week, non-registered lobbyist Ron Calzone sued to have another law from 2016 overturned.  This is the third time in the past month that Calzone has engaged the court system to fight the legislature’s work.

The target this time is 2016’s SB 665.  The bill sponsor was then-Sen. Mike ParsonAccording to the bill summary, SB 665 authorized several tax credits (Meat Processing Facility Investment Tax Credit, Agricultural Product Utilization Contributor Tax Credit, and New Generation Cooperative Incentive Tax Credit.) as well as some changes to the Farm-To-Table Program.

Calzone is alleging that the original purpose of the bill was inappropriately changed, and it violates the single-subject rule of Hammerschmidt.

Previously Calzone sued to overturn 2016’s SB638, a wide-ranging education bill, and SCR4 from the most recent regular session.


Originally in June 7 MOScout.