Campaign Committee Quarters

House Republican Campaign Committee raised $142K, spent $112K, and has $42K on-hand.  The expenses are a function of a staff (ED Scott Dieckhaus, Fundraiser Emilee Mudd, staffer John Ratliff), plus a few consultants (David Barklage and Dave Hageman’s Victory Enterprises).


House Democratic Victory Fund raised $38K, and has $42K on-hand.


Missouri Senate Campaign Committee raised $154K, and has $173K on-hand. 


And Senate Democratic Campaign Committee raised $9K, and has $28K on-hand.  Dems are on defense in Senate 10 (Justus termed), Senate 22 (McKenna termed) and on offensive in Senate 24 (Lamping in limbo) and Senate 34 (but no candidate).   This report should weaken the confidence of their candidates that there will be support from the SDCC.


Originally in July 16 MOScout.