Casas to Cummings, Clemens: Be Nice

 From: Kate Casas

Date: Thu, Apr 4, 2013 at 4:36 PM

Subject: Concerning elevator conversation


Mr. Cummings and Mr. Clemens,


When I returned to my office today I was informed that yesterday afternoon when you got on the elevator with the U-City volunteer who testified in support of SB344 you took the opportunity to berate him, me, the organization I work for, and our funders.


As you can imagine, this was quite upsetting to him. He is originally from the Virgin Islands and in the United States to attend Washington University….


He was thrilled that as a 21 year old in America he could be given time in a Senate Committee hearing to voice his opinion and be heard. He was even more thrilled when both Senator Pearce and Senator Emery stopped him after the hearing to tell him thanks and congratulate him on the fabulous testimony he gave. However, he felt bullied and intimidated by your surprising and unprovoked attack on him.


I must say, that I am shocked and disappointed that you waited until I was not around to go after a volunteer. I must have passed you a dozen times in the Capitol hallways Tuesday evening and yesterday. However, you never once asked if we could talk, or attempted to question me about my organization’s supporters or our policy positions. The fact you had to wait until you were alone in an elevator with a 21 year old volunteer…


I am happy to discuss this and/or CECM’s policy positions with you and your colleagues at anytime.



Kate Casas

State Policy Director

Children’s Education Council of Missouri


Originally in April 9 MOScout.