Common Core Funding Survives Budget Vote

The House gave approval to the budget bills.  It was all as expected.  The one interesting development came in the form of an amendment offered by Rep. Kurt Bahr to make sure no funds be “expended for membership or support of the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium…”  This is in reference to the Common Core Standards, a rallying point for the far-right.  It was defeated 58-97.  And that portends defeat for similar bills in the House and Senate.


It was especially notable because the House leadership team was almost entirely on the wrong side of the vote, a rarely seen occurrence.  Speaker Tim Jones, Pro Tem Jason Smith, Floor Leader John Diehl, Assistant Floor Leader Mike Cierpoit, Whip Sandy Crawford, and Caucus Chair Shelley Kenney all voted to withhold the funds.


Caucus Secretary Mike Bernskoetter was the only leadership member to vote with the majority of the chamber on the issue.



Originally in March 27 MOScout