Congressional Leadership PACs

60 Minutes recently ran a piece on the use of “leadership PACs” to circumvent campaign finance laws and allow members of Congress to use funds to “maintain their lifestyle.”  See it here.


So I ran a quick search to see which Missouri Representatives have such PACs. 


Sam Graves has Show-Me PAC.

Vicky Hartzler has Vicky PAC.

Blaine Luetkemeyer has Building Leadership And Inspiring New Enterprise PAC.

Ann Wagner has Ann PAC.

Former Senator Kit Bond still has a little over $50,000 in Kit PAC.


But none of these seem to contain the egregious malfeasance mentioned in the 60 Minutes report.  The only PAC that raises eyebrows is the Arch Leadership PAC.  So far this year it’s been paying Debra Carnahan $2,500 a month for “consulting.  Debra is the wife of former Congressman Russ Carnahan.


Originally in October 21 MOScout