Consultant Chess Match


Consultant Chess Match

The final two weeks of the Republican secretary of state primary is shaping up to be a contest of political consultants.


None of the Republican candidates have enough money to follow the typical statewide playbook: spend $400-$500,000 on television and hope your commercials are better than the other guy’s.


Rep. Shane Schoeller finished the July quarter with $301K on-hand; Sen. Bill Stouffer finished with $237K; and Sen. Scott Rupp has $176K on-hand.


One observer notes that Schoeller’s expenses have been higher than his competitor.  Schoeller has spent $223K this cycle, about $100K more than Stouffer and $80K more than Rupp.  With that extra $100K now, Schoeller might have just enough to carpet-bomb his opposition into submission.


But given the inability of any candidate to saturate the airwaves, the present situation looks like each will have to make strategic decisions and hard choices about how to reach the primary voters most effectively.


Those decisions will rest largely on Dave Hageman (for Schoeller), Jeff Roe (for Stouffer), and David Barklage (for Rupp).  There is a handicapping in place though as (based on July numbers) Schoeller will have about 70% more resources on-than than Rupp.


But maybe cash isn’t everything.  Barklage has Rupp’s Missouri Right to Life endorsement to leverage, and Roe is getting some mileage from Stouffer’s 60+ billboards across the state.


Originally in July 18 MOScout