Crusey to DFER

The press release:  Lea Crusey, a former classroom teacher and state director for StudentsFirst has been named deputy director of Democrats for Education Reform, the political action committee announced today… Crusey started her career as a middle school teacher in East Palo Alto, Calif. working with high-needs students, where she saw firsthand the inequities that exist in our education system. From there she moved into the policy field, eventually joining StudentsFirst as an early employee and launching operations as state director for Missouri, Iowa, and Nevada before making her most recent jump over to DFER…  Democrats for Education Reform (DFER) is a political action committee with 13 state offices whose mission is to encourage a more productive dialogue within the Democratic Party on the need to fundamentally reform American public education. DFER operates at all levels of government to educate elected officials and support reform-minded candidates for public office.”


Originally in July 25 MOScout.