Dems Form New Ag 501c4

Former Democratic Lieutenant Governor Joe Maxwell and former Democratic State Senator Wes Shoemyer are among the leadership of a new 501c4 group, Family Farm Action.  Its mission is to “protect America’s family farms and rural communities from multinational agribusiness monopolies that are destroying local economies and traditional ways of life.”

See the website here.

From the websiteFamily Farm Action will fill a significant void, as most existing agricultural political organizations traditionally represent Republican candidates and corporate agriculture. Industry-backed lobbyists and political groups have virtually unchallenged influence over agricultural policy and politics, even though their agenda is broadly unpopular… One Chinese corporation took control of over 100,000 acres of U.S. farmland through the Smithfield acquisition, and now controls one in four pigs in the United States. Five multinational corporations—soon to merge to just three—dominate the market for seeds and fertilizer. “Contract farming” pushes families deep into debt, often making them beholden to a single corporation for survival. Overall, over 1 million family farmers have being driven from the land.

Family Farm Action is calling for a new “Farmers Bill of Rights” to level the playing field and let family farmers compete. The platform calls for limitations on contract farming, new restrictions on foreign ownership of American farm land, and renewed anti-trust provisions to break agribusiness monopolies.


Originally in August 14 MOScout.