Dems Issue Medicaid Report

Senate Democrats issued a scathing “minority report” on the Senate’s Interim Committee on Medicaid Transformation and Reform.


From the report: The committee’s report is not based on the actual testimony and information presented to the committee as it ignores those who testified regarding Medicaid expansion in Missouri. When minority members requested the committee report contain information regarding Medicaid expansion they were told such a subject was “not under the purview of the committee’s responsibility” despite the fact that 52.4% of the committee testimony related to Medicaid expansion. After rejecting the topic of Medicaid expansion, the committee added Tort Reform to the report’s Recommendations section despite a complete lack of committee discussion and witness testimony on the matter.



What The Minority Report Recommends

Medicaid eligibility be expanded to those citizens with incomes up to 138% of Federal Poverty Level;


A hybrid approach based on the “premium assistance” model be adopted if traditional Medicaid expansion is not politically feasible;


Certain recommendations from the Majority Report be enacted along with Medicaid expansion, including: extending current Managed Care programs; transitioning populations currently in the fee-for-service programs into regionally-based Accountable Care Organizations; and reforming hospital payment structures;


and Certain other recommendations from the Majority Report be enacted regardless of whether Medicaid is expanded, including: coordinating care for dual eligible individuals; better management of “super utilizers”; decreasing emergency room over-utilization; strengthening Missouri’s MO HealthNet False Claims Act; increasing the asset limit; and adding preventive dental services for adults and the disabled.


Originally in December 3 MOScout.