Education Bill Gets Loaded Up

Last week the House Elementary and Secondary Education Committee passed out an omnibus bill which included a Turner fix, a foundation formula change, a tax credit to fund private school tuitions, changes to teacher tenure, charter school changes.


This is the opposite of signals that were being sent just a week or two ago.  And it should solidify the opposition to the bill.  There was a “murders’ huddle” of education-related lobbyists in the rotunda later that morning.


House leadership is said to be already working hard at twisting arms, but the opponents insist that in its current form, they have the votes to stop it.  They’re circling back on their votes to make sure.


Urban Dems split.  Some like the charter school stuff, others repelled by the attacks on the teachers’ union.  Rural Republicans split too.  Some want the foundation formula fix, but not sure they can swallow the teacher tenure changes.  Suburban Republicans also have problems weighing the carrot of a Turner fix against the loss they imagine when parochial schools are funded through state tax credit dollars.


Originally in February 23 MOScout.