Education Transportation Funding

Senate Appropriations Chair Dan Brown has signaled that he’s interested in not fully funding the educational foundation formula. He would take some of the money and move it into the education transportation line.  In theory, it wouldn’t change the overall amount that schools receive, and yet in practice it might.  And that has some education advocates scratching their heads.

During the House Budget hearings Rep. Lyle Rowland said he asked superintendents if they would rather have fully funded formula or more money for transportation. He said they prefer full funding of the formula. The reason is because the governor can’t withhold from the formula, but the transportation funding is easy pickings during withholds.

One theory on Brown’s play is that he knows House Budget Scott Fitzpatrick values fully funding the formula, so he will use this as a bargaining chip in Senate-House negotiations.

One lobbyist thought that might be a bad idea: Don’t poke Fitz….


Originally in April 11 MOScout.