Fair Taxation Kicks Off Campaign

Missourians for Fair Taxation, which describes itself as a grassroots coalition led by the 20,000-member Missouri Realtors, is launching their campaign for a state constitutional amendment to forbid any expansion of the state sales tax to include services.  See their website here.

The press release: Missourians for Fair Taxation is circulating petitions for signatures to place the proposal on the November 2016 General Election ballot….  Sales taxes on services would increase the cost of services Missourians use every day – from haircuts and manicures to rent and health care, from services of doctors, accountants and bankers, to services of landscapers, mechanics and tattoo artists. 

Sales taxes are already high, exceeding a dime on the dollar in many parts of Missouri. Still, expanding the sales tax base to include services has been recently proposed by lawmakers and special interests. With most of Missouri’s population living within 30 miles of state borders, Missouri cannot afford to lose its competitive edge with sales taxes on services.

The Missourians for Fair Taxation proposal would add constitutional security to stopping sales taxes on services…

What It Means

This looks like the Realtors getting out ahead of the curve.  There’s been concern that Rex Sinquefield’s well-known dislike of the state income tax would someday result in a shift toward using a broader based sales tax to fund state government.  This would keep services safe from such an expansion.


Originally in January 20 MOScout.