How Far Has MMJ Come?

Short answer: Legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes has become the consensus position across party lines.


Forget the news out of St. Louis City with the latest aldermanic bill to prevent enforcement of marijuana laws.  The city can be leading the progressive charge or extra noise obscuring a larger trend.  The data point here is in suburban Blue Springs and Lee’s Summit where the Senate 8 special election is occurring.

In that recent candidate forum all three candidates (Republican, Democrat and Independent) agreed – with some nuances – in the principle of medical marijuana reform.  Listen to it here at the 42-minute mark.

That’s why there are three different initiative petitions fighting for ballot space.  It’s ripe for voter approval.

The real mystery is why no one has figured how to achieve the goal through legislative action at a fraction of the cost of an IP.


Originally in October 30 MOScout.