FERAF Poll: Beware Voting for ISRS

A polling memo was circulating this week warning legislators that the ISRS legislation will be unpopular with their constituents.  It was a 600 voter sample, conducted by Public Opinion Strategies.  Here’s an excerpt of the memo.


Key Findings

“Missourians overwhelmingly reject the proposed utility surcharge. We asked voters if they would favor or oppose, ‘one proposal being considered by the state legislature that would allow Missouri electric companies to add a surcharge to their customers’ electric bills to pay for repairs and improvements to Missouri’s electrical grid, power plants and other business expenses.’ Seventy-one percent (71%) of Missouri voters opposed the proposed utility surcharge with just 25% in favor. A strong majority of voters in each major subgroup are against the proposal. Not only is the opposition wide, but it is also very deep as a near majority of voters (49%) are strongly opposed. Even when voters hear only POSITIVE statements about the proposal just 37% of voters would favor the surcharge with 58% opposed.


“There is potential political peril in supporting this measure. The intensity of the opposition is likely to emerge at the ballot box in the next election. Fully, 77% of Missouri voters would be less likely to support a political candidate who supported this measure. While Republicans and Democrats do not agree on much, 80% of Republicans and 70% of Democrats would be less likely to vote for a candidate who supported this ballot issue. Eight in ten (80%) of Independent voters would be less likely to vote for a candidate who supported this measure.”


Originally in March 26 MOScout.