Five for the Future Follow-Up

Here’s a collection of the feedback I received on my peering into the future looking for the speaker after Todd Richardson


“I think Caleb Rowden tries too hard to be all things to all people. In the end, he’s not strong enough to lead. Elijah Haahr is definitely the top pick, in my view.”


Kevin Corlew, a potential four-year speaker, being groomed by John Diehl…”


“How some you never mention a woman?”


“You’re missing Holly Rehder on your leader list.  Look at fundraising and big issues.  She’s right there.”


“Your potential Speaker list is accurate. This is the first class in a long time where the list was longer than 2 in their 3rd year, so the race could get interesting.”


To that point, another observer mentions that recently the House Republicans have elected their speaker early, with the outgoing class voting on the position as well.  However, looking ahead, that particular outgoing class is term-limited enlarged, and would have a near-majority of votes to determine the next speaker – who they wouldn’t even serve with.  The alternative, eliminating them from the process, would make the vote count much smaller, and open the race a bit to anyone who could bring a few dozen votes to the table.


We’ll see…


Originally in February 19 MOScout.