Five-Way Pro Tem Race?

The race to succeed Ron Richard has recently become more complicated.  For months now there have been three declared candidates: Sens. Bob Onder, Gary Romine, and Dave Schatz.  In recent days two new names have emerged: Sens. Mike Cunningham and Ed Emery.

The race is clearly fluid and we’ll see how it all shakes out.  If both Cunningham and Emery jump in, that would seem to split what has been Richard’s core base.

One observer thought that this “chaos” scenario was a positive for Onder – even though some had previously put Emery in Onder’s camp.

Another observer thinks the situation may be impossible to game out until after the August primary when there’s a better idea who exactly will be joining the Republican caucus.

Additionally it’s possible one of these folks would opt for a different leadership race between now and November.

We’ll see…


Originally in May 3 MOScout.