Foundation Formula Fight in Senate

Documents from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education show the great discrepancy between school districts in Missouri, in terms on where their funding comes from.


The reason the St. Louis County senators are reluctant to simply do a band-aid shift of funds from the hold-harmless districts to the formula districts is because they already are nearly entirely self-funding.


Parkway School District’s local taxes fund 92.6% of their budget with 4.5% coming from the state and 2.9% from the federal government;  Kirkwood District’s local taxes fund 91.8% of their budget; Lindbergh District’s local taxes fund 91.2% of their budget.


For comparison: Jefferson City’s district self-funds at 68.4% with 18.1% coming from the state and 13.5% from the feds.  St. Joseph’s district self-funds at 47.1%; Springfield’s district self-funds at 66.6%; Cape Girardeau self-funds at 66.8%.
And rural districts have a wide range but are nearly all lower.  For example here are some random districts and the portion of their budgets which comes from local taxes: Salem (36.5%), Kennett (31.9%), Ash Grove (42.1%), Fayette (51%), Troy (48.4%), Bolivar (38.9%), Eminence (37.7%).


The great divergence even within similar district-types is proof that the formula needs a major rewrite to become equitable again.


Originally in April 27 MOScout.