Gina Loudon, EBT Vigilante

From former state senator John Loudon’s wife, Gina Gentry Loudon’s, Facebook:

So here is a piece of good news for you. I was at the grocery store tonight& the guy in line ahead of me used EBT. I was floored, because he was OBVIOUSLY fine–able bodied, fine. I said, “Wow, looks to me like you could work just as easily as I can to pay for YOUR groceries (cheerios, soda, expensive chips, no fruit, with a baby in a stroller wearing Nikes).” He ignored me, or pretended not to hear me so I went in closer. “What makes you think that I should work to pay for YOUR groceries to be free?” He still ignored me so I was louder.


Everyone in both grocery lines was now staring.


I looked at the checker and said “Is it hard for you to work so hard then see slackers like him just walk in and use YOUR money to buy his crap?”


The checker said, “oh, you don’t know the half of it. You should see what I see day after day. They sell their cards, and buy alcohol, lottery tickets, and cigarettes!” I told him that I knew that, and asked what I could do. He said to take their card when they try to sell it and bring it in and then they will call the police. I was really glad to know that, so I thanked him and told him I would do that.


Then, he said something strange, “Are you going to drink any wine tonight?”


“No, I have to work tonight” I said.


Then, as I was leaving with my cart, he ran out a nice bottle of wine to me. He was the owner of the whole store.


It is a great day in America!


Originally in August 14 MOScout.