Greitens Enters Ed Debate

Governor Eric Greitens finally issued a statement to articulate why dumping Vandeven was so important to him.  See it here.  Some folks took issue with parts of it.  Sen. Ryan Silvey tweeted a correction on education funding for example.  And another MOScouter sent me this Post-Dispatch article noting that the governor, himself, was responsible for the ACT funding cut.


But Where’s the Beef?

Here’s what’s interesting in the statement: you can read as the governor’s first real foray into education policy.  And if you read it like that, and discard all the rah-rah filler lines, there’s only one policy the governor is advancing: increasing teacher pay.  There’s certainly nothing radical like reconfiguring the curriculum to prepare students to be able to have three careers in the constantly changing, technologically disruptive economy they’ll face in the coming decades.  There’s nothing quasi-radical like dropping the agrarian-based school calendar and going to a year-round calendar where students don’t spend their first month after summer break learning what they’ve forgotten.  There’s nothing from the right-side of the mainstream like more school choice and greater teacher accountability.  There’s only that money going to administrators should decrease and that money should go to teachers.



Originally in November 22 MOScout.