Health, Mental Health Approps Committee to Dig In

The Health, Mental Health and Social Services Appropriations Committee is going to take a very active and intense approach to his year’s budget.  The committee is chaired by Rep. Tom Flanigan.


Rather than focusing on the changes and action items presented to them, the committee is likely to question the very core of the budget, and dig into the details of the budget.


The sentiment appears to be driven by a fear that budgets on auto-pilot can perpetuate non-essential and underperforming programs.  There’s additional urgency to this year’s budget because with the $400 million shortfall is expected to make social services (and education) especially vulnerable.  They want to do everything possible to make sure that everything is reviewed and receives a fresh vetting.


Therefore, look for vigorous questioning in this Approps Committee hearings.  And don’t be surprised if others follow suit…


Originally in January 11 MOScout.