Hill for Hire

From Matt Hill’s LinkedIn profile:


I am pursuing a job with a lobbying firm in Jefferson City. If I don’t get any takers there, then I want to work for an association and visit the Capitol when my issues are up for debate. I know it’s summer, but I can play golf and I would be happy working on association issues. Then, when it’s time to lobby, you get the best I got. I hope all who read this understand my passion for this business. John Britton trained me to be the toughest, most disciplined and hard working individual in politics. He gave me confident I didn’t know I had. Because of the ten years by his side, I now am ready to use my talents and skills to make a difference in The Missouri General Assembly. I’m ready and I feel I will help clients whether it’s a lobbying firm or a statewide association.


Originally in July 22 MOScout.