Holsman Hearts the Senate

From Freshman Sen. Jason Holsman’s Capitol Update:


“1. The Senate moves slower than the House; this is a good difference. The pace reflects the respect the body has for each individual member. The Senate moves as fast as  the slowest Senator.


“2. Partisanship is not the controlling factor. The House Chamber is divided by party. The offices are grouped by party. The members typically vote by party and the minority has very little input on legislation. In the Senate we sit together, office together and so far this session, I have not felt like the merit of my ideas hinge on the  letter beside my name.


“3. The demand for my time is overwhelming. In the House I often found quiet times during the day where I could read and work on my legislation. In the Senate, from morning til late in the evening, someone is waiting outside my door to talk about their priorities. Even small tasks such as writing and editing this newsletter have been delayed due to the amount of pressing attention to pending legislation.”


Originally in February 8 MOScout.