House 70: Otto Pokes Dokes

Democratic Bill Otto, running in House 70, pokes Republican Eugene Dokes for his “lavish” birthday party…


“Eugene Dokes, Republican candidate for the new 70th District  for the Missouri House, listed on his Missouri Ethics Commission report expenditures of $12,970.98 for a party on his birthday that brought in a total of $1360 in campaign donations. 


“Dokes advertised a ‘Birthday Soiree’ fundraiser on August 18th to be held at the Clarkson Jewelers Club in the Edward Jones on September 11th, his birthday.  Dokes spent $2106.37  for catering, $1000  to the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Bureau, $750 on entertainment, $400  on flowers, $378.61 on photography $200 for a cake, and $136 on party favors for the attendees.  In addition, the suite in the dome was listed as an $8000 campaign contribution.  For what would have normally been considered a premium event, Dokes listed income of only $1360  on his MEC report. 


“Bill Otto, Democratic candidate for the new 70th District said ‘I can’t imagine any contributor that would be happy with their money being used to finance lavish parties.  I think this is a good indication of how he would use taxpayer’s money if he were to be elected.’  Mr. Otto went on to say that there may be a violation of the Missouri Ethics Commission rules as well as a violation of the Missouri law concerning misuse of campaign funds….”