House Bellwethers

Here are the battleground districts which will be bellwethers for the Republicans’ drive to establish a veto-proof majority.  They need three pick-ups to succeed.  It’s a tall order as their 2010 reach – gaining 17 seats – gives them a lot to defend.


St. Louis area – House – Rep. Cloria Brown tries to hold of former Rep. Vicki Englund in the rubber match of their grudge match.


Jefferson County – House 114 and House 115 – JeffCo was thought to be one of the ripest area for Dems to recover from their 2010 beating.  But TJ McKenna isn’t considered the gimme he used to be.  Becky Ruth is trying to upset him.  And Elaine Gannon against Rich McCane next door is a battle between two top recruits.


Mid MO – House 44 – former Dem state senator Ken Jacob battles it out with newcomer Caleb Rowden.


Kansas City area – House 15 and House 29 – Kevin Corlew is the Republican against Dem Jon Carpenter; and Rep. Noel Torpey has a very difficult district in Independence, facing Dem John Sutton.


Originally in October 9 MOScout