HRCC Targets Expanded

The House Republican Campaign Committee has upped their budget and increased their target list.


HRCC will be involved in fifty races this cycle.  In some, it may be as little as doing a poll to make sure that the incumbent is safe.  In others, it may be a five-piece mail program.


Evidence of the enlarged budget can be seen in new $5K+ checks still coming in.  Rep. John Diehl sent $100K recently to HRCC, and there was $50K from Steve Tilley’s old campaign war-chest.


The bigger budget means that HRCC will likely attempt to reach for some stretch districts.  The theory for House Republicans is that winning or losing these races in a redistricting year can have eight-year implications.  That is, if you win these districts this year, it’s easier to defend them over the next decade than try to unseat a Democratic incumbent.


One Republican says that St. Louis County is a place they’re looking to expand the map.  But St. Louis County is a sloppy mess, politically speaking.  In the same place you might have Mitt Romney up ten point and Todd Akin meanwhile down nine points.  It’s not a clean wave.


That means that despite the bluster of picking up new Democrats seats – Jeanne Kirkton and Genise Monticello are mentioned – they’re just as likely to have to defend Rick Stream and Cloria Brown if Akin shrapnel sprays their direction.


Originally in October 23 MOScout.