Hummel: Commitments Violated

Minority Leader Jake Hummel sent an email to his caucus in reaction to Republicans bringing up two voter ID proposals.   Hummel says that written and verbal commitments made to Dem leadership were “violated.”  It signals a continued deterioration between the majority and minority parties in the House.


Hummel Email

From: Jake Hummel

Sent: Tuesday, February 12, 2013 2:14 PM

To: _Democrat Representatives

Subject: Voter ID Floor Activity


Fellow House Democrats,


I know that many of you were surprised and disappointed that the majority party briefly brought up the two photo voter ID measures, House Bill 48 and HJR 5, this morning when you had been told that we wouldn’t go to the measures until Wednesday. The sole purpose of bringing up the measures and immediately laying them over, of course, was to preclude amendments from being submitted under the Rules of the House.


Given that House Democratic leadership had received both written and verbal commitments from Republican leadership that the legislation wouldn’t be brought up until Wednesday, I was just as surprised and disappointed as you that those commitments were violated. (See attached letter.)


As you know, the majority party sets the agenda and determines when we go to bills. Our caucus leadership team does it’s best to keep you informed as to when the House will take up a particular bill so that you can be prepared. Our ability to do so, however, is entirely dependent on the information we are given by the majority. And as today’s action proved, the information they provide isn’t always reliable.






Originally in February 13 MOScout.