Jones for HB 700

Speaker Tim Jones appears to offer a qualified endorsement of Rep. Jay Barnes’ Medicaid expansion/transformation bill on his blog.  See it here.


“House Republicans are currently exploring a market-based, transformative approach to Medicaid. It incorporates many of the components listed above. The bill, HB 700, sponsored by Rep. Jay Barnes would move private insurers into a position of greater competition to provide coverage for low-income Missourians. It would empower Missourians, turning recipients into participants who actively make health care decisions and not wait until their health care needs require the emergency room. This system has the potential to vastly improve quality of care while containing costs and reaffirming Medicaid’s role as a true safety net. HB 700 is not the final solution to the Medicaid crisis, but it is a solid starting point….”


Originally in April 10 MOScout.