Jones Headlines Cunningham Event

Speaker Tim Jones wades into the middle if the Monarch Fire District election featuring Republicans Cole McNary and Jane Cunningham.  He’ll headline a fundraiser for Cunningham on February 24 at her house.  Contribution levels include: Blazing Hot – $1,000* *Wild Fire – $500*  *On Fire – $250*  *Caught Fire – $100** * and the relatively meager *Kindling & Match – $50 *


Other electeds and heavies for Cunningham: Jim Talent, Dave Spence, Tom Schweich, John Diehl, Sue Allen, Marsha Haefner, Mike Leara, Rick Stream, Franc Flortron, John Hancock, David Klarich, Jim Lembke, and John Loudon.


The two each have their websites up and running.  See Cunningham’s website hereSee McNary’s website here.


Originally in February 12 MOScout.