Just So You Know

On the Lexington Missouri website (see it here though my browser was scared of the website), there’s a letter from the mayor about their recent efforts to collect on delinquent water bills.    See the letter here.

The City of Lexington Administrative Department desires to inform you that 162 Lexington citizens were delinquent in paying their water bills. This amounted to approximately $10,000.00.

The delinquent customers were advised by “door hangers” their water service would be shut off immediately.

Just so you know this procedure was recommended by the State Auditor Nicole Galloway. No one in this City Administration decided to implement this shut off procedure policy.  Again, to be clear the two clerks, City Clerk and two others in the office heard curse words and nasty comments from delinquent customers.  The question must be asked; is there any responsibility of ownership to pay bills on time? It must take a reorder of delinquent citizens priorities. Again this outcry on social media is over a 162 Lexington Citizens that were delinquent in paying their water bills – not the City of Lexington’s administrative Department.

Who’s bad is that?

If you have any questions  please come see me.

Thank you,

Mayor Jerry Brown


Originally in October 16 MOScout.