Kehoe’s Civil Service Reform

Sen. Mike Kehoe’s civil service reform bill had a hearing last week.  It’s SB 1007.  Office of Administration Commissioner Sarah Steelman testified in favor it, indicating that this is the governor’s office vehicle for the issue

Kehoe said that the number one complaint among state workers is the low pay.  But the second complaint is when they feel that someone less deserving is promoted.  He sees civil service reform as one piece to making a long-term fix to both issues.

Kehoe imagines a decade-long process of upgrading the state’s technology, reducing the workforce through attrition, while having this bill to manage the workforce.

This bill would move most state employees out of the merit system and into the “at-will” category.  That would allow managers to more quickly promote and reassign employees, and also more easily fire workers.

The idea is that at the end of the process, the state would have fewer workers, but would be able to pay them more.