Kinder Leads Gubby Field

Last  week’s MOScout poll found that Peter Kinder has a wide lead at the start of this contest.  His 30% is triple second place Catherine Hanaway’s 10%.  John Brunner is third with 7%, and everyone else is in the unknown pack with 2-3%.


This conforms to the conventional wisdom that Kinder has a decade of name ID from elected office, but also from constant opining on various issues of the day on talk radio or Fox TV.  Republican primary voters know who Kinder is.


It’s expected given how the last few months have gone, that Kinder will be out-raised by many of his rivals.  But how many of them will be able to spend their money effectively enough to bring themselves into the top tier?  Should they use it early rather than wait and get lost in the election advertising clutter?


The poll also asked about police priorities and found that Republican primary voters still worry most about ObamaCare.  Its repeal is their number one issue by a wide margin. It was more than double “creating jobs.”  And “lowering taxes” was the lowest priority, behind “improving education.”


Finally the poll tested the twin pillars that have resisted ethic reform in Missouri and found that a majority of Republican primary voters would prefer to have limits on both campaign contributions and lobbyists’ gifts.