King to Gate Way Group

Tracy King is leaving The Missouri Chamber.  She’s been with the business organization for over a decade.  As the Vice President of Governmental Affairs, she’s often been the face of the Chamber in the hallways, in offices and at hearings.

Word is that King will be joining Travis Brown’s Gate Way Group, the lobbying arm of Pelopidas.

In some ways, it’s a natural fit.  The Chamber and Pelopidas, Rex Sinquefield’s go-to firm, have been on the same side of several pro-business battles.

King becomes the second member of the Chamber’s legislative team to be hired away.  Brian Bunten left for United HealthCare last month.  One observer remarked that after the Chamber’s huge session this year – right to work, and various tort reform and labor reform items – they were akin to a Super Bowl team that sees their offensive coordinator hired after a championship season.

No word yet on who will be taking King’s place.


Originally in July 18 MOScout.