Klarich Pulls Plug on WCRO

David Klarich announces the end of the West County Republican Organization in an email…


“Dear West County Republicans


“In 1980, the Queeny Township Organization became one of the most influential and meaningful grassroots political organizations in the state of Missouri.  It was through that township organization that many national, state and local leaders were elected, and consequently, the law and policy of our state and nation improved…


“For more than thirty-one (31) years we have –together–stood at the polls in suffocating heat, drenching rain and blinding snow, stuffed envelopes, manned phone banks, knocked on doors held signs, attended caucuses and countless meetings in an effort to garner that one vote necessary to make a principled difference.


“My family and I have been honored to stand with you in this effort.


“It is now with a full heart that I have decided to discontinue the WCRO,  I remain, however, dedicated to supporting the candidates and causes to which I remain passionately committed…”


Originally in November 8, MOScout