Liquor Franchise Battle to Spill Over?

Two new campaign committees were formed earlier this week which appear to hint at a prolonged battle over the franchise liquor laws.


Missourians for Responsible Liquor Laws and Missourians for Free Markets both name Charles Heisner as their treasurer.  Heisner’s office lists 6701 Southwest Ave (St. Louis, MO) as its street address, the same as… Major Brands.


According to one source supporting Major Brands’ position, they’ve “had an influx of small wholesalers and retailers from across the state that have asked how they can help. So a PAC was created as a way for them to donate resources to the effort and have their voices heard.”


In the halls this week, the talk has been that count within the Republican Caucus is showing support quite short for the changing the law.  Two different sources put the number around 30.  And a Republican legislator watching the issue noted that if they had the votes it would have been on the floor already.


If the issue does indeed stall this session, the creation of campaign committees offers the prospect that Major Brands – and perhaps others – may become a force in the 2014 cycle.  We’ll see…


Originally in April 25 MOScout.