LRT Opp Powers Leadership for America

According to its October fundraising report, Leadership for America has $864,470 on-hand.  This PAC was formed when former Speaker Tim Jones closed down his candidate committee and sent his cash to it.

Leadership for America has regularly contributed to Republican candidates as you might expect.  However what’s unexpected is that its cash balance continues to increase despite reporting no further contributions.  That’s because of its savvy investment into LRT Global Opportunity LP.

Here’s are the numbers… Leadership started its April quarter with $665K on-hand.  It reported interest income of $125,808, and finished the quarter with $754K on-hand.

The July report has $81K of interest income so that after its $72K of expenses (including $25K to the IRS), Leadership had $764K on-hand.

The October report showed another $140K in interest income, bringing Leadership balance to the current $864,470 mark.

Pretty remarkable to generate $340K incomes off a $665K balance.  That’s more than a 50% return in under a year.  The Dow, for example, is up 17% in that time period.

So what is LRT Global Opportunity LP?  According to this filing with the SEC, it’s a pooled investment fund that invests in private equity.  It’s based in Austin.  The SEC form though does have a (314) phone number attached to it.  And, interestingly, if you Google that number, you will reach the same address as Pelopidas LLC.

LRT Capital Management (see the website here) is run by Lukasz R. Tomicki. See his twitter feed here.  And the next time he does an offering, we should all buy in….


Originally in October 19 MOScout.