MEC Whiffs on Non-Profit Game

This year one scheme to avoid transparency in political contributions became more popular.  Create a non-profit.  Have donors give to that non-profit.  Have the on-profit give to a political action committee.  The donors’ identities are never revealed.


One of the committees which employed this tactic was Missourians Against Higher Utility Rates.  It received a check from a non-profit, Missourians for Low Energy Costs.  That checks was for $275,000.  It was received by Missourians Against Higher Rates on July 24.  That’s just five days after Missourians for Low Energy Costs was created.


The Republican legislative majorities, after overturning the campaign contribution limits imposed by Missouri voters, insisted that part of their philosophical framework included transparency.  They haven’t followed through on their rhetoric though to create transparency.


The Missouri Ethics Commission ruled on this scheme last week.  They apparently view their job less about ethics and more about finding an accommodative perspective from which to perpetuate the status quo.  Read their dismissal of complaints here.


Question: If we all agree transparency in the huge six-figure checks is important to the integrity of our system, why will no one do anything about it?


Originally in October 31 MOScout.