Meet Franklin & Lee

Yet another group is weighing in on the Republican gubernatorial race.  Franklin & Lee (see their website here) has sent mailers.  They offer a “scorecard” on the positions of the candidates.  See it here.  Nobody is perfect in their scorecard, but Eric Greitens fare very poorly.

And they attack Greitens – including a reiteration of “sex slave” charge which recently elicited a lawsuit from Greitens’ biggest donor. See it here.

The treasurer for Franklin & Lee is Adam McLain.  He’s also treasurer of Patriots for America.  He writes about his involvement here.

Franklin & Lee says it’s a 501 (c)(4).  “Any person or entity that contributes more than $5,000 to a Section 501(c)(4) organization must be disclosed to the Internal Revenue Service in our annual tax return. The IRS does not make these donor disclosures available to the general public, and Franklin & Lee does not provide this information to the public.”


Originally in July 28 MOScout.