Meet Motherputter

Lobbyist Kim Tuttle gets for her “trendy new golf apparel line, Motherputter.”  See it here.  She laughs, “I’m over 50 and starting a new company.”

Pull Quote: The part-time Naples resident launched her new business last November to great acclaim from women golfers and athletic fashionistas. A company that calls their apparel “girly and gritty” while declaring “it’s about attitude, not age” is appealing to women who are competitive on the links… Motherputter is a new women’s golf attire that is distinguishable by its ultra-modern design, whimsical patterns and edgy aesthetic. Created by Kim Tuttle, the company is committed to empowering women on and off the course… She worked in the financial industry for a while, then in a field that was her second love, politics…  Her stepdaughter, Jacque Bardgett, played collegiate golf. She’s also one of Motherputter’s co-founders. “One day we were talking about how much we hated golf clothes,” Kim remembers, “and she said you need to do something about this.”


You can find Tuttle’s golf attire line here.


Originally in April 16 MOScout.