MOHealthNet Report

The Department of Social Services’ recent report – MO Healthnet Employer Match Report – confirms what some liberals have feared… acceding to business’ wish to lower wages is cementing a government-dependent workforce.


“The MO HealthNet (MHN) Employer Match Report provides a description of employers of 50 or more MHN enrollees and/or employees that are responsible for spouses or children who are MHN enrollees. MHN is Missouri’s Medicaid program. The report is intended to assess the relative extent to which employees of Missouri’s largest employers are enrolled in MHN. This report, prepared by the Department of Social Services (DSS) from available data, does not purport to be a full accounting of Missouri employers with employees or families who are enrolled in MHN.”


Near the top of the list is WalMart which has over 2,000 Missouri employees utilizing MOHealthnet.


Originally in March 19 MOScout