Molendorp Eyes Exit

Rep. Chris Molendorp will not run for re-election in 2014.  Molendorp, chair of the Health Insurance Committee, is said to have multiple motivations for the decision, including spending more time with this family.


But making that sacrifice would likely be more acceptable if his political prospects beyond 2016 looked more attractive.  Molendorp is in Senate 31 and would be unlikely to upset the incumbent Ed Emery in a primary. 


Additionally, Molendorp is a legislator who might feel increasing out-of-tune with the “red meat” orientation of the supermajority.  Shiria Law and Agenda 21 are probably not a strong enticement for someone like Molendorp to stick around.


Molendorp was the original sponsor of the health exchanges legislation, which was later pummeled by the Senate for surrendering to ObamaCare.


According to the court redistricting data, House 56 is about 55% Republican Voting Index.



Originally in June 4 MOScout.