Monday, December 31, 2012

Rumorville: Bond to Lobby for Kansas City

Word is that Kit Bond will become Kansas City’s new federal lobbyist.  He will start next year for the new Congress when he is eligible for such activity.


Says one insider, “Kit Bond Strategies is a huge win for Mayor Sly James in the short term, and for Kansas City in the long term.”



Final Reader Poll Results

Comeback Kid

Rod Jetton – From being shunned, scorned and assumed to be headed to jail to the newest member of the Jefferson City press corps.  8.1%

Peter Kinder – From being left for dead by cartel of large GOP donors to being the only surviving Republican statewide officeholder.             43.0%

Claire McCaskill – From being the most vulnerable US Senator to winning by the widest margin of any Missouri statewide candidate.          48.8%


2012: Best Exit

Rep. Tishaura Jones to St. Louis City Treasurer 38.8%

Rep. Mike Talboy to Burns and McDonnell 45.9%

Speaker Steve Tilley to Strategic Capitol Consulting LLC. 15.3%


2012: Best Gimmick of a Losing Campaign

Martin Casas – fundraising email after his car was stolen. 35.6%

Ed Martin – had ambulance travel the state to highlight Obamacare emergency. 34.2%

Russ Carnahan – negative mailer about Lacy Clay included audio of Clay. 30.1%


2012: Best Commercial

Chris Koster – any of them 61.9%

Claire McCaskill – rape survivors speaking into the camera 29.8%

Jay Nixon – “St. Louis banker” ad that impelled Spence to file suit 8.3%


2013: The Next Congressman from the 8th

Peter Kinder 38.4%

Todd Richardson 34.9%

Jason Smith 5.8%

Lloyd Smith 20.9%


2013: Big Economic Development Story

$2 billion bond issue. 22.0%

Westinghouse-Ameren land DOE grant. 24.4%

“Global” tax credit reform bill passes. 7.3%

Nation slips back into recession. 29.3%

None of the above 7.1%


2013: House Rookie of the Year

Robert Cornejo 22.7%

Elijah Haahr 19.7%

Sue Meredith 15.2%

John Wright 42.4%


2013: Senate Rookie of the Year

Jason Holsman 10.8%

Paul LeVota 4.8%

Doug Libla 3.6%

Jamilah Nasheed 7.2%

Gary Romine 10.8%

Scott Sifton 18.1%

Ryan Silvey 34.9%

Wayne Wallingford 6.0%

Gina Walsh 3.6%


2013: Leadership Member Most Likely to Succeed

Tom Dempsey 60.0%

John Diehl 7.5%

Tim Jones 16.3%

Ron Richard 16.3%


2013: Leadership Member Least Likely to Succeed

Tom Dempsey 18.7%

John Diehl 18.7%

Tim Jones 33.3%

Ron Richard 29.3%



Washington Post: Family Members as Lobbyists

Yesterday the Washington Post ran a piece about various members of Congress who have family members in the lobbying business and the potential conflicts of interest that arise.  Read it here.


Two Missouri legislators get the treatment by name: Lacy Clay and Jo Ann Emerson.


Pull Quotes: “The younger Clay, who in 2001 succeeded his father in office, co-sponsored a proposed law in 2010 that would give investors the right to sue people who help others commit securities fraud. His father, William Lacy Clay Sr., was hired to lobby on behalf of attorneys who bring investor lawsuits. The group paid $220,000 to the firm that employed Clay and three others to lobby on the bill and other issues.”


“Combining lobbying and legislating is a family tradition for Rep. Jo Ann Emerson (R-Mo.). Her father was executive director of the Republican National Committee. In the 1970s, decades before she entered Congress, she married a lobbyist, Bill Emerson. He was elected to the House in 1980 to represent rural southern Missouri. While her husband served in Congress, Jo Ann Emerson lobbied for the restaurant and insurance industries.


“When Bill Emerson died of cancer in 1996, Jo Ann Emerson went from lobbying to holding her husband’s seat and has kept it since for a 32-year family run. After the Republicans’ takeover of the House two years ago, Jo Ann Emerson became chairman of the appropriations subcommittee that handles the budgets of the Treasury Department, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Internal Revenue Service, the District of Columbia and other agencies. She also serves on the appropriations subcommittee that budgets the Food and Drug Administration and Agriculture Department.


“As she serves in Congress, her daughters have continued the family tradition of lobbying.


Older daughter Tori Emerson Barnes has lobbied since 2005 for General Motors. Younger daughter Katharine Emerson began lobbying for Monsanto the year her mother became subcommittee chairman, records show.”



MOBIO and Jewish Federation Host Trip to Israel

From the press release:

MOBIO and the Jewish Federation of St. Louis are proud to announce the conclusion of a successful educational trip for Missouri’s legislative leaders to Israel, December 1-7 visiting Haifa, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.


Legislators participating: Sens. Tom Dempsey, Mike Parson, Eric Schmitt, and Kiki Curls, and Reps. Rick Stream, Lincoln Hough, and McCann Beatty.


During this week long educational trip, legislators and leaders met and toured a number of hi-tech and biotech companies including Technion -Israel Institute of Technology, Teva Pharmaceuticals Headquarters, Sigma Aldrich Israel, Evogene, Trendlines VC Company, Hadassah Medical Center and Hadasit. MOBIO is also pleased that Mr. Donn Rubin, President & CEO, BioSTL; Mr. Jason Hall, Deputy Director, Missouri Department of Economic Development & Mr. Daniel Hall, Director of Legislative Affairs, Governors Office joined the delegation for the trip.



Arch Tax Gets a Campaign Committee

Having won the capacity to go for a regional tax to improve the Arch grounds, the civvies have started a campaign committee with a name designed to challenge graphic designers of their mailers for sure.  See the “Citizens For Safe And Accessible Arch And Public Parks Initiative In Collaboration With Civic Progress Action Committee” here.


Behind the scenes is deputy treasurer Bryan Cave lawyer and monster weight-lifter Dan White.



Lobbyist Registrations

From the Pelopidas website:


James C. Bowers, Jr. added The RH Johnson Company.

Paul K Kincaid added Council on Public Higher Education in Missouri (COPHE)

Daryl D. Duwe deleted Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives.

Michael R Gibbons deleted Fairness for Missourians LLC, American Traffic Solutions Inc, Missouri Association of License Offices, Logan College of Chiropractic.

Rodney D Gray, Tami Holliday, Susan Henderson Moore, and Michael Moorefield deleted Service Contract Industry Council.

Tricia Workman deleted Logan College of Chiropractic.



$5K+ Contributions

Missourians for Equal Credit Opportunity – $96,432 from Missourians for Respinsible Government.

A Better Missouri with Governor Jay Nixon – $25,000 from AT&T




Happy birthdays to former Rep. Kate Meiners (54), Carol Kemna (46) and Chris Krehmeyer (41).



MOScout News

No Update tomorrow (New Year’s Day).  See you Wednesday.  And of course let’s all try to avoid doing anything stupid tonight…