More Winners

“Major props to Abe Rakov.   He ran a brilliant campaign for Kander, while also managing John Wright and Stephen Webber’s state houses races.   Hard to say he isn’t one of the hottest Dem campaign managers right now.”


In St. Louis County, Prop L passed which will provide millions of dollars for library upgrades… Working the initiative’s fundraising was Majority Strategies’ Matt Lieberman.


Joyce Aboussie – She flexed some muscle in corralling Democratic support for Scott Sifton.


Tim Jones – Not only does Jones get an even larger Republican majority in the House, he also got the defeat of any statewide rivals for 2016.  Look for an AG run he wouldn’t have had if Martin had won.


James Harris – You say court plan change down  in flames, I say a contract extension on the Humphreys gravy train.


Jane Cunningham – passage of anti-health care exchange a nice code to her truncated Senate career.


Tightline Strategies – Ken Morley’s shop had Nixon’s sizable win and Kander’s whiskery margin.


Rob Mayer – The pro tem episode is closed and now he’s a judge.


Chris Roepe, who brought the “little tobacco” guys into the anti-Prop B campaign.


Of course there were a bunch of Republican operatives of varying degrees who worked on keeping their supermajority safe.  Kit Crancer oversaw the revamped Missouri Senate Campaign Committee.  Yancy Williams helped his boss Kurt Schaefer attain a 15 point crushing of Mary Still in a Democratic lean district.  And in the process quite possibly helped pull Caleb Rowden across the finish line. Brad Green’s work over the course of months made Gary Romine’s win over Joe Fallert seem ho-hum.



Then there’s David “contrarian indicator” Humphreys in addition to watching the latest unraveling of the court plan change had other notable losses.  $350,000 to Ed Martin, $100,000 to Cole McNary, and $25,000 to Shane Schoeller… but of course $0 to the only Republican winner Peter Kinder.